Hog Hunting TipsIt’s not often that I have to write and “about me” or “about us” page, but this site needs one so I guess I’ll do it 🙂

For about the last 10 years I have had this site and I built it specifically to help new hunters learn how to hunt hogs effectively on their own. Back then there was only a handful of places a new hog hunter could get information or tips for helping them to hunt hogs when they wanted to.

Of course, those places were not always the nicest or most understanding for internet hog hunters to go and participate. It seemed that every time someone asked a question, there was always some “know it all” ready to jump all over them for asking stupid questions.

I thought that was ridiculous so I decided to try and help by sharing what I had learned, or what I knew about hog hunting no matter how “basic” it might seem to someone else.

Starting with the basics

Now, I didn’t know very much about building websites or writing effective articles back then. The articles show that too. But, because I like to write, and I enjoy educating others about hunting I was off to a pretty good start.

Someone has to talk about the very basics when it comes to hunting. Perfecting these will commit them to “muscle memory” in my opinion and dealing with things like scent control become second nature every time they do them.

So, yes, I talk alot about very basic principals when it comes to hunting. You know what? No matter how many times I tell someone, they think they can skip some of these steps and be “ok”. Well, you can’t… and that’s why I talk and write about them alot here.


Over time I have been fortunate enough to develop several products for hunting hogs that both make it more efficient as well as easier for the hunter. “Fixing” problems like this is what I enjoy doing 2nd to helping others learn how to do this thing called hog hunting.

So, you’ll see a good number of products that I make. Some are brand new to the market and have patents or patent pending status, and others are literally prototypes for testing and trying new ways to remain effective when hog hunting.

Videos & Youtube

I have a youtube channel for this as well. Only recently have I started to transfer some of this into videos for teaching, and other videos for demonstrating the techniques that are effective for me. That whole arena is a little new for me still, but I have created a good bit of video hunts over the last 10 years, and promoted many items with them. So, I don’t think it will take very long to get much better at it.

Right now the challenge seems to be not making them so long because I can talk forever about some of these things 🙂

Moving Forward

Updating this site has taken a little time, but I think it will be well worth it in the end. It is much cleaner, faster and easier to read as well as mobile responsive. The old template had alot of kinks in it and was highly customized back then with options that are just a “drop in solution” with all templates today.

I have re-integrated the mailing list service for updates. I think this is really helpful. When I shut down the old list I had about 2800 people who were receiving the news letter back then.

I will also have an integrated store on this site soon. This will be nice because customers will no longer have to go to another website to buy items they know work well. They can get what they need right here- Help, information, product, direction, support, etc…

So, I’ve ignored the old site long enough. It’s time to update what we’re doing, and how we’re hunting hogs as well as the products we use. Hopefully I will be able to help as many people as I have in the past. 🙂